South Tyrolean Political Science Association

About Us

The South Tyrolean Political Science Association | politika, a nonpartisan entity, was founded on Thursday, September 25th, 2008, in the conference center of the Hotel Sheraton of Bolzano/Bozen. The association has the following goals:

      • To support the field of political science and public activities of political science scholars and experts ;
      • To promote and encourage political science research in South Tyrol (e.g. relationship between South Tyrol and Europe, South Tyrol in the national and international context);
      • To publish the results of researchers conducted in this field in South Tyrol and
      • To promote the study of political science.

These activities support the goals of the organization: publication of the Jahrbuch politika/Annuario di politica, this website, conferences and seminars, and networking with similar organizations at the national and international level.


For your information

On the website www.politika.bz.it, the rule of the mother-tongue is followed, i.e. free language choice. This means that not all texts are necessarily published in the two official languages of our province. Although the structure of the website and the available menu are in both Italian and German, it is possible that in the two linguistic versions of the website there are texts that were not translated into Italian, German, Ladin or English.


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